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Dedicated to making every experience better than ever, Blue Marlin Villas provides the ideal location for retreat groups looking to revitalise, Experience Peace and Tranquility, Bless a Community or School or just be at one with the calm that is Treasure Beach. 

Set on a large lush, tropical garden on the most beautiful beach, this side of the island, there is a simplicity that sets the tone for rejuvenation. Beautiful scenery, Fresh produce for delicious meals, a community of kind gentlefolk and a team that is happy to make your visit extraordinary, having your retreat at Blue Marlin Villas is destined to be a winner!


Let us help you find the perfect balance! If you are seeking a holistic experience of the mind, body and soul, sign up for one of our available retreat dates. Our qualified and expert yoga and massage therapist will guide you through 7 days of  total rejuvenation, detox and revitalisation. The beautiful scenery at Blue Marlin Villas, Makes it even more zen and is the perfect backdrop to unwind and reset.



Combine Travel with volunteering! We are happy to share with you the needs of our communities and schools  and will offer special rates to accommodate you for your missions. We are avid supporters of anything that brings happiness, love and growth to our community and children!



Your favourite Hobby combined with a tropical vacation? Come perch in a cool spot and watch the beautiful birds, including some that are endemic to Jamaica! We are just across the road from a beautiful natural habitat with so much to see and enjoy!

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